Murky EP

by Samuel Idwal

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Richard Harrison (@mr_spoon) An intelligent collection of story songs about Frankenstein and ancient history. Wonderful. Favorite track: We Curious Devils.
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    The Murky EP on a white disc, packaged in a handmade sleeve cut from cartridge paper, written and decorated by my hands before being tied up. Each sleeve bears a unique design and is numbered for posterity, making each EP individual.

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released June 13, 2012

With huge thanks to: Rich & Neil Combstock of Rocking Horse; to Joel Cockcroft & Tim Barrow for lending their considerable musical abilities; to you for downloading this EP.




Samuel Idwal Leicester, UK

London based singer-songwriter with new EP 'Brightbark' out now. Contact:

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Track Name: We Curious Devils
I don’t have faith in science
And things I don’t understand
I know that their tricks
Are borne of magicks
Most devious and Unplanned

Lightning bolt in a glass jar
Trapped and coerced from the storm
You’d burn future diamonds
Then moan you can’t find them
Our future was made not born

Stick a needle in your wrist; see if it makes you itch
Push your finger in the plug and mess with the switch.
Stick a needle in your arm, document the harm
Its causing you and debate whether its time to raise the alarm.

When Victor assembled his monster
He knew not to give him a name
If She ever caught me
Acting discourtly
At least I’d confess to my shame

What is this new devilry
Beneath Ned’s sturdy eye
Under smokey skies
It were never alive
Let’s find out if metal can die

Feline fatality's rising
A grave only two feet deep
But dig one for yourself
You’ve mouldered our health
The End will slay us all to
End will slay us all to
End will slay us all to sleep
Track Name: Cobbles
Overgrown with weeds, the path is cracked, broke and crumbling where it’s worn
We’ve lived at different speeds; the die is cast, it spoke: mumbling its mealy scorn
My father always told me you won’t achieve a thing by letting your chances go
I’d rather you had sold me, you protested so boldy, we parted so coldy don’t you know...

Years before I knew that we wouldn’t have to do that shameful thing
I guess it wasn’t true but I couldn’t think of you equipped with spear or sling
The river flowing through us hides its shady banks beneath her outstretched arms
Choked with sunken treasure to rescue at our pleasure, we turned our favourite leisure into harm...

And I’m running through the streets
On cobbles made of quicksand
To climb the steps that lead up to your door.
Fleeing from the gloomy weather
Born of thunder, born of heaven;
Its your smile I need to see once more...

Adrift upon an ocean with no navigating skill
Its a voyage with one outcome, if it ends
Though my own hull’s sealed with pitch, the tar never seems to stick
On you, your cannon wounds I cannot mend
I’m the captain of this vessel - I need to scale the rigging -
But can I climb that high?
Though I’m elegantly dressed, you don’t seem all that impressed, are we trying for the best, you and I?

I'm lost at sea, I've gone and sailed off the map
But I can change my course, I can change my tack, I can make it back
Its open to debate whether we can make this work
But at least we might end this hurt

I’m running through the streets
On cobbles made of quicksand
To climb the steps that lead up to your door.
I don't know what to say
Or where I ought begin
But I kinda need you to let me in.
Track Name: Dreams of Losing Teeth
When I opened up your letter
And I read the contents therewith
I threw it down and trembled
I would not understand it
Its scrawlings were not comprehended
I burnt the paper and the seal
And scattered the ashes

I had a dream that evening
As I lay in a cold bed
Of myself in a forest
Between dark, withered trees
and dead logs the second me stands
He turns round and he's holding his teeth in his hands

I dreamed the same the next night
Of my double trapped deep in the woods
Trudging a winding track
Its twilight beneath the branches
The sunlight got stolen and filthy
There's nothing there to guide you out or back to safety

Still he clutches each tooth tight
Coloured a dirty, grimy off-white,
Jagged and sharp as a knife,
Flecked with red at the roots and the crown
Stripped of his power to clamp down
On anything that would strike him, this man has lost his bite

I want to be up to my neck in cold water
Or leaping across an expanse
With no clue as to whether I'll make it
Like the poor fools who wandered before him
Their bones never found or awakened
Its a black cloud and I can't shake it

I dreamed a new dream last night
You found me in the dark woods
And fashioned me new teeth
Incisors smelted from iron
Four canines honed to a point
Molars of carved ivory plated with silver

To insert them caused me great pain
But my life I now could sustain
You led me out and we fled far away
and we never came back to the forest
Track Name: Old Man
Old man, I don’t want to be you
Out of place and out of time, out of my mind
Out of my era. Will I live in fear
Of the end when I’ve lost all my friends?

Hold close your bones and breath
Before my life blinks out I’m due a date with Death

Widow, watching the grass grow
On the ground again where he lives now.
Crying alone, unknown,
In a home too big for one now I’m buried and gone

Cage of ribs! Defend my heart!
I’ll grip my luggage tightly as we step into the dark
Cage of ribs! Defend my heart!
I’ll grip my luggage tightly if strength remains

Father, so set in your ways,
Do you notice the days
Disobey you, the way we did when we were just
Little children?
Make certain you recall it well,
Time strips us of even that skill.

Bury an acorn in my grave
So I can rise again some day
Sow my earth with dandelion seeds
(I’ll tell the time again through the medium of weeds)

And when Death comes to call
Against whom no mortal portal is sealed or barred
I shan’t answer
but spend the time making sure I’ve steeled my heart (you stealed my heart long ago)
And if my nerve will hold I'll laugh in his skull -
What’s the worst death can do when its really not his fault?
Track Name: Pile of Bones
A galleon in full sail swept out the glassy, handsome bay
As he watched from his spot on the cliff top, he dreamt he saw her wave
“Goodbye, my love!” she’d said, “you know I’m bound for Kathmandu”.
“I’ll wait right here” he replied, “even if it takes a year or two.”

The sunset took place in shades of bloody red and a thunderous, ominous grey
And the wind picked up and howled, and it began to rain
(the grim evening scene reflected his heart)
As he watched the horizon and waited alone in the dark...

Seasons passed and melded with months to form a blurry haze.
He didn't move for care or shelter, just kept his gaze
Fixed on the line where the earth and sky appear to melt.
So seasons passed and life went on but by him it wasn’t felt.

Three years to the day she went away she came back,
Dashed to the spot on the top of the cliff where they’d always met.
But her lover was absent the scene, instead she found
A pile of bones picked clean by carrion and scattered on the ground

A single tear she bore and it was followed by a thousand more:
They fell on the ribs, bleached white in the sun, and a miracle begun

With an unearthly groan a life possessed the bones, tarsals and vertebrae slot into their homes;
The skull clicked in place, ribs realigned, a spiderweb of veins and nerves entwined;
On shaking tibia the skeleton rose, creaking as organs recomposed;
Lungs puffed again, hair grew from the crown, in sinews and tendons the limbs were rebound.
Skin stretched again across his frame, once more the man she loved he became
With lips newly formed he spoke her name; and his eyes were as fire as his soul was remade...

“I knew you’d always come back” he said with a knowing smile, “I heard you tell me so across a thousand miles”
“I was always coming back” she said and held his hand; “now you’ve pulled yourself together, and we're reunited, we can start to live again”.